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Seattle Vert Ramp - West Seattle, WA - Private - Status: Opened

Seattle Vert Ramp

Seattle Vert Ramp (SVR) is our ramp pictured above, which we built in 2012. We still skate this backyard vert ramp all the time, and if you are a vert skater in the Seattle area, come on by for a session! If you skate regularly, you can donate to help support longterm ramp maintenance, electricity, etc.:

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SVR is 56' wide, 13.5' tall with 2' vert. It also has two 8' wide 15.5' extensions (for 4' of vert). It's surface consists of four layers of plywood and 1 layer of Skatelite laid diagonally at an angle with all edges rounded. It's covered with a 15,000 pound ClearSpan roof, which is set directly on top of the ramp itself.

The ramp was designed and construction led by Ryan Spence who also built his ramps in Tacoma.

Unlike the other ramps on this website, this ramp is ours (!), and I've skated it thousands of times. Here'a a video where I did 43 tricks at SVR on my 43rd birthday.

The week that the Creature team visited and skated all day, every day, at SVR was probably the most intense super session at the ramp. Here's some video from that: