Vert Ramps

Rye Airfield - Rye, NH - Public - Status: Closed

Rye Airfield

Specs: nearly exact replica of what you would find on the Dew Tour - 60′ wide, 12′ tranny, 2′ of vert, 22′ tall x 5′ wide roll-ins on either end of one side, Skatelite Pro surface.

I visited here once in 2012, and it was a dream to skate:

I ended up skating the vert ramp with Nora Vasconcellos and Nolan Munroe, which was pretty cool.

Here's some more video of this amazing vert ramp:

and another

2021 UPDATE (by Joe)

-- unfortunately, Rye Airfeld is now closed as our man Joe in the field reports

"So sad. Was supposed to skate this vert ramp first time ever. I arrived, but thanks to covid, the ramp was down to the sheathing being disassembled and moved to Buffalo. Rye closed too. How is it the best park in the northeast closed? Save VERT!!! The closest ramp is in Connecticut. Why!? Just WHY!?!?!? I met the guy who bought the ramp, super awesome dude. They're rebuilding it somewhere in Buffalo sometime in the future."