Vert Ramps

Richmond - Richmond, CA - Private - Status: Opened

The Richmond Vert Ramp

Specs: "10’ transitions, 1.5’ of vert, 34’ wide and I believe 14.5 ft of flat."

This is a vert ramp in a warehouse in Richmond, CA. I've skated it a couple of times with Jeff Hedges and my brother, and it's always been an awesome session.

The surface is masonite, and this is an example that shows that masonite is still a viable (indoor!) ramp surface. The ramp used to be taller but was cut down to reduce the amount of vert. There's a really cool miniramp spine in the attic as well.

It's very much a private ramp, with sessions happening every once in a while when the owner, Greg Neal, is fully available.

Here's a picture of me there in Nov 2014, about to skate with Jeff Hedges and the crew:

Jeff shows me the way: