Vert Ramps

Mancha's Bteam - Vista, CA - Private - Status: Opened

The Bteam Ramp: Evando Mancha's vert ramp

The Encinitas YMCA used to have a huge old X-games vert ramp. They chopped it in half to make room for a bunch of smaller concrete features, and this is the half that left.

I've skated it a few times, and every session was awesome. Here is me doing my best Paul-luc Ronchetti impersonation while rocking my Seattle Vert Ramp shirt (the real PLR is standing right behind me):

Here's me and Ryan Hass after a session; this picture gives a good sense of the scale of the ramp. It's terrifying to climb a ladder to get up the pictured side of the ramp, whereas the other side has a nice staircase.