Vert Ramps

Encinitas YMCA - Encinitas, California - Public - Status: Opened

The Encinitas YMCA Vert ramp

This used to be an old huge wide curved X-Games vert ramp. It got chopped in half to make room for new things. The other half is now Mancha's ramp.

Specs: I don't know. It's at least 13.5' tall, and definitely has at least 2' of vert.

I've skated the new and old versions of this ramp many times.
I was even in a serious pro demo here once. I had planned to watch the demo, but not very many pro skaters showed up, and I can do handplants, which is enough to make spectators happy. Here's a session I video'd in 2012, when the ramp was full size. The sessions back then were awesome!