Vert Ramps

Bath Steel Vert Ramp - Bath, England - Public - Status: Closed

The Bath Vert Ramp in Victoria Park

Specs: steel, 10' high, 9.5' transitions (?); totally free.

I skated here once in I think early 2012, while attending a mathematics conference in nearby Bristol. I was skating with the locals and doing backside bonelesses on the ramp, and amazingly one of the local vert skaters said "heh, the way you do that looks familiar", and it turns out we had skated together a few months earlier in Seattle!


What Happened to it?

I don't know if this ramp still exists somewhere. I did find apetition to keep the ramps from 7 years ago, but the following video seems to show a beautiful new vert bowl right where the vert ramp was: